• Version 1.0
  • 2008-01-26

    What is it?

    DTVExplorer is a windows application for the DTVTrans cable, that makes it easy to transfer data to / from your DTV.

    DTVExplorer is highly configurable. You can pre-set memory ranges and execution points for individual files, and specify the behaviour you want for clicking and double clicking files.

    The application has support for D64 files, which makes it possible to inspect, transfer or execute files from inside D64-files on your PC.

    It is built partly from the original source code of DTVTrans by T.L.R (Daniel Kahlin), and partly by re-using some D64 code from our tool GangEd.



    How to install DTVExplorer

    Unpack the zip file into an own directory.
    Move the file ioport.sys to your Windows/System32/drivers directory
    Start DTVExplorer.exe

    Why was the DTVExplorer developed?

    I needed a quick way to transfer and execute one-file demos and games.

    The DTVTrans software was quick enough and did the job, but the command-line tool needed too much typing, so I decided to make a Windows GUI to it.

    However, wrapping a process has its disadvantages, so eventually I ended up using the source code instead.

    The next annoyance was that most of the files I wanted to transfer were located on D64-images, and needed to be extracted before transfer, so I decided to add D64 support directly into the GUI.

    The Hex viewer was developed out of the need of finding start addresses.

    I hope you find the tool useful for browsing your D64 files and transfer them to your DTV.

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