• Version 0.9
  • 2008-01-04 Status: Working
  • Version 0.8
  • 2006-12-08 Status: Working
  • Version 0.7
  • 2006-11-12 Status: Working BETA
  • Version 0.4
  • 2006-10-25 Status: Working BETA
  • Version 0.3
  • 2006-10-13 Status: Working BETA
  • Version 0.1
  • 2006-09-05 Status: Non-working preview

    Flash image

  • Version 0.9 in dtv format for flashing
  • 2008-01-04 Status: Working
  • Version 0.8 in dtv format for flashing
  • 2007-07-31 Status: Working

    More screenshots here!

    What is it?

    DTVBASIC is an extension to the normal C64-basic.

    It is created so that you can use your DTV for coding, and integrates with Styles Turbo Macro Pro and TLRs DTVMON to give you a versatile coding environment.

    It is powered with useful commands such as DIR, DMA, MEMDUMP, RAMSAVE and RAMLOAD.
    It also have a very advanced RAMDISK feature which works like a normal drive and can make use of almost the full 2MB ram memory of the DTV.
    The flash-disk routies of the DTV is extended to support multiple flash images at once.

    The basic makes use of the banking features of the DTV so that the extended features doesn't use any extra memory in the "normal" memory range, not even in the ram memory beneath the normal BASIC.

    What's new in version 0.9?

    Start and stop adresses are now displayed during load and save.
    Built in help system.
    Flash partitions is now supported.
    Change to a flash partition with the DIR command
    New BOOT command to execute bootstrap at $18000
    Changeable unit number on the RAMDISK
    Built in PETSCII table.
    + a lot more. Full version history included in the download.

    How to use DTVBASIC

    Download the latest version here.
    Transfer the D64-file to a 1541 diskette, or the 1541-III.
    Load DTVBASIC with the command

    LOAD "*",8,1

    DTVBASIC will be loaded and installed.

    Instructions are included and can also be read here.
    If you reset your DTV, DTVBASIC and the Ramdisk can be invoked again with the following pokes:

    POKE 53311,1
    POKE 53504,94
    POKE 53505,94

    You can also use the new RESIDENT command to install a bootstrap for DTVBASIC at $18000. Then you only need to hold down the joystick button during reset to invoke DTVBASIC again.

    Running DTVBASIC from flash

    DTVBASIC can be run from flash.
    Download the flash version, and compile it into your flash image, using for example DTVBUILD by Hideki, and DTVPACK from T.L.R.
    Note! The load adresses of BASDATA, EXTDATA and RAMDATA needs to be 24-bit. See the readme file included.

    For optimum coding comfort

    Combine the flash image with The Gangs DTVBIOS


    Built in help
    Create Ramdisk (ex. RAMDISK 4,7)
    Extend ramdisk (ex. RAMDISK 45)
    Clear ramdisk (RAMDISK CLR)
    Change unit number of the ramdisk (RAMDISK UNIT 8)
    List Ramdisk structure (RAMDISK LIST)
    Loading of files (LOAD "TESTPROG",2)
    Re-located load of files (LOAD "TESTPROG",2,1)
    Saving of files (SAVE "TESTPROG",2)
    Replace (SAVE "@:TESTPROG",2)
    Open files(OPEN 3,2,3,"TESTFILE")
    Input from files(GET#3,A$)
    Output to files(PRINT#3,A$)
    Closing of files(CLOSE3)
    Deletion of files (SCRATCH "TESTPROG",2)
    Renaming of files (RENAME "NEWNAME=OLDNAME",2)
    Listing of files on last used device (DIR)
    Listing of files in ramdisk (DIR2)
    Listing of files in flash (DIR1)
    Listing of files on ordinary disk units (DIR8)
    Listing of files on 1541-III (DIR8,5)
    Support for multiple partitions in flash (DIR1,5), (LOAD"$5",1)
    Wildcard matching in filenames (LOAD "TESTP*",2)
    Hexadecimal number support in BASIC (POKE$400,$38)
    Start and stop addresses are displayed during load and save
    DMA Support (DMA 256 FROM 0,1,1 TO 1024)
    Save RAM to device (RAMSAVE"SCREEN",8,1024,2024)
    Load RAM from device (RAMLOAD"SCREEN",8,1024)
    List memory (MEMDUMP $C000)
    Built in PETSCII table
    Support for TLR:s DTVMON (MON)
    Support for Styles Turbo Macro Pro (TMP)

    Known problems

    Reading the device status from the ramdrive does not work. I have not even looked into this. Status is always OK.

    Development status

    Development is nearly finished.
    Version 0.9 is the release candidate.
    I am just awaiting any last-minute bug reports and cleaning up the source for release.

    Why is the DTVBASIC developed?

    When developing using a C64, BASIC has always been a quick way to test how routines are working. So also on the DTV. However, the V2/V3/Hummer versions of the DTV has a whopping 2MB of RAM and 2MB of ROM (flash) of which BASIC knows nothing. The DTVBASIC is my way of ease the write-compile-test cycle on the DTV without the need for a PC connected. The project has developed on a by-need basis, so there has never been any "master plan" of the project.
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