Release date: 2004-12-29
Platform: Amiga
Released at: Dreamhack Winter 2004
Download count: 11651

Amiga Demo placed 3rd in the Alternative Platform Compo.
When played at the compo something went wrong and none of the gfx was shown, but here is a fixed version that works.

Required an Amiga with 2mb extra memory.

Amiga Executable (530 KB)
Complete source with all binary files needed (467 KB)
ZIP-file containing music (370 KB)

2 Nice Fish


Release date: 2004-11-06
Platform: PC - Win32
Released at: Black Birdie 2004
Download count: 11672

Shared 1st place in the Demo competition.

Code and Idea: Fred
Graphics: Nisse
Music: Gouafhg

Zipfile with Windows executable (3390 KB)
Extra: The original Fish Demo by Neurotic Design, released at Icing 97. (350 KB)
ZIP-file containing music (61 KB)

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