Verksamhetsförlagd utbildning part 3 of 4


Platform: All
Released at: Jamaica Rom Party V
Download count: 2772

An episode out of our series. Finished 1st (!) in the wild compo at Jamaica ROM Party V. When getting the price, Gouafhg held a very nice speech about the series.

VFU 3of4 [zip] (0 KB)

Verksamhetsförlagdutbildning (Part #2of4)


Platform: All
Released at: Compusphere 2007
Download count: 5806

The second part in a series of four.
Wild / Video by Gouafhg
Graphics by Nisse and Post work by Fred
DivX made with VirtualDub, Inkscape and GoldWave
2.45 minutes playtime
Came first place in the Wild compo

Verksamhetsförlagdutbildning (Part #2of4) [Zip] (0 KB)
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